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Prime Policy
Your satisfaction with our product as well as our service is our prime policy, guaranteed! The policies outlined below have been established as a guideline in how we do business with you. If there is anything we can do to make our product or service experience better, please let us know.
- Jason King, owner/founder
How we work with you...
Primary Administrator
Each community will select a Primary Administrator (typically a board member, non-board owner, property manager, etc.) who is responsible for administrative duties on the website (posting, updating, and editing content; administrating user profiles, etc.) along with providing support to users, and communication between their community and CondoSites. The Primary Administrator will be included on all communications between us and users, property management and/or the board. The Primary Administrator may select additional or "Secondary Administrators" to help, but a community can only have one Primary Administrator.

In the event a property manager is selected to serve the roll of Primary Administrator, we request the contact information of a board member to be included on critical communications and billing.

Communications initiated by someone other than the Primary Administrator may be directed back to the Primary Administrator for assistance. The Primary Administrator shall also serve to resolve conflicts in orders we may receive.

Privacy and Security
CondoSites does not and never will share or sell any of your Website, Association, or community information. With your permission we may introduce you to some of our service and technology partners, if we feel you would benefit from their offerings.

For maximum online security, we use 256-bit SSL encryption for all work and maintenance to our sites.

Billing Policies

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