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Billing Policies
Updated July 16, 2017
Fees and Payment

CondoSites web sites are the property of ODYSSEY and are rented to a community on a month-to-month basis along with hosting, domain registration / renewal and maintenance. A single monthly service fee is charged to cover these services. Additional fees may be billed (with approval) for other services not included under the CondoSites service.

ODYSSEY uses a folio system of accounting delivered via email to a billing contact and optional second contact. Charges, payments, credits, notes and additional information will be included on the eFolio. Only the items posted since the last payment will be shown on your folio unless additional postings are needed to balance the folio.

PLEASE INCLUDE THE FIVE-DIGIT ACCOUNT NUMBER (e.g. A1234) in the memo field on every remittance to ensure proper posting.

To avoid late charges and interest, payment is due within 25 days of the date the eFolio was sent.


Quarterly folios are prepared and emailed as follows:

  • December 1: for January, February and March service months
  • March 1: for April, May, and June service months
  • June 1: for July, August, and September service months
  • September 1: for October, November and December service months

Annual folios are prepared and emailed on December 1 to cover January 1 through December 31 of the following year.


You may cancel your CondoSites service with 30 days notice in writing. In most states, a cancellation requires signatures from at least two of the following four officers: 1) President of the Board, 2) Vice-President, 3) Secretary, or 4) Property Manager.


Should you cancel your service with us, you are welcome to keep your domain. Your domain registrar may charge you a transfer fee (approximately $20); but as long as you have been a customer of ours for at least three revenue months, we won't. If you have been with us for less than three revenue months, we may ask to be reimbursed for the price of the domain if we bought it for you, also typically under $20. Your domain will not be released if your account has a balance or is not in good standing.

Defaulting Accounts

ODYSSEY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO TAKE ADDITIONAL ACTIONS WHEN ACCOUNTS ARE NOT KEPT IN GOOD STANDING: If minimum payments are not met, the account will be frozen from additional charges, services and support until the account is made current or brought to good standing. Accounts that are more than 30 days past due are subject to collection.

Unpaid accounts may result in the withholding of delivery of updates (scheduled or otherwise), a hold on the launch of web sites, discontinuance of support, and/or cancellation web services and domains. ODYSSEY reserves the right to contact our mutual secondary vendors associated with the project to ask them to hold materials and/or services until the account is made current or brought back to good standing.